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Terrarium TV  

Terrarium TV has recently hit the internet and the world is agog with praises for the app. This bite sized app has all the popular TV series and movies you want to watch, and more.
Terrarium TV app has a pretty decent helping of features, which include the following
The biggest benefit of the Terrarium TV app is the active developer team, which makes sure that problems you face on the app are noted and rectified as soon as possible. 
This is why there has been an avalanche of updates recently, with various hostings getting supported.
Big thumbnails for the different series, movies and seasons, as well as for the episodes themselves.There are multiple videos available for each content you want to watch, in prints ranging from DVD to HD in 360p, 720p and even 1080p.
The list of the series and movies is pretty exhaustive, though it might take time to complete the overall development of the movie section since there are so many titles to add and mark.